Lone Worker Safety
By Alarm Guard..

Alarm Guard Security empowers workers across Canada with a safety solution that enables them to work independently with confidence. Proudly protecting Canadians for over 19 years..

Total Protection 24/7

Safety should not have a time limit and should extend passed the normal 9am -5pm shift. Our services were built to work with any company and all shifts 24/7.

Notifications & Alerts

Our system offers instant notifications and alerts for all users under all circumstances. If a user needs help, has an accident or even leaves a safe zone area.

Weekly / Monthly Logs

Alarm Guard Security understands the importance of logging weekly or monthly reports. We have your back to ensure your safe history is available on demand.

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Why Choose Alarm Guard ?

Mobile Emergency

Finding the right mobile emergency device is important so that it does not impede the worker from the ability to do their job effectively. We check all the boxes..

Empowering Workers


Empowering workers with a safety net to request help with the push of a button. Hands free two way voice (talk & listen) in any emergency situation,

Worker Down Help

Offering built in fall detection with auto callout for help or live assistance.  Instant notifications and alerts via text / emails to designated support system with company or services.

Lone Worker Program by Alarm Guard

Lone Worker Protection  & Alarm Guard Security

Alarm Guard Security offers a solution for lone workers in Canada. Our Personal Emergency Response System can help ensure that your employees have the fastest and most effective means possible to get the help they need, when they absolutely need it most.


lone worker

Alarm Guard security


If you run a business where worker safety can be compromised, consider Alarm Guard Security to help protect your lone workers and any employees who may be in unpredictable situations. We provide safety solutions to clients including:


Home Care – Mental Health and Addictions – Property Management – Inspection and Compliance – Security – Delivery and Fleet – Schools (bus drivers) – Special education Teachers – Construction workers – Shift workers – Truck drivers  & so many more..


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