Fact or Fiction: Are the Pulse-Pounding Security Breaches in Movies Possible in Real Life?

If you only went by what you learned from action movies, you would be forgiven for thinking the world is a highly dangerous place, just on the brink of total destruction (preferably with a cool CGI explosion). Realistic or not, much of our knowledge is at least partially influenced by what we see on film. In the area…

Alarm Guard and Calgary Home Security Systems

Alarm Guard and Calgary Home Security Systems At Alarm Guard Security, we believe every Canadian deserves some sense of security and peace of mind in their home. We have helped thousands of our customers in Ontario secure what matters most to them, but our mission is to secure every home in Canada, starting from Calgary….

Alarm Guard at Security Summit Canada

Alarm Guard made a big splash at the inaugural Security Summit Canada ( https://www.securitysummitcanada.com/ ) event held just outside of Toronto in June, 2017. The event featured Alarm Guard owner Mike Chaudhary discussing security solutions for Canadians and new technology. Alarm Guard is the #1 ADT dealer in Canada, and is continuously growing! If you are…

Home Security Essentials in Toronto and the GTA!

As Canada’s #1 authorized ADT Dealer, Alarm Guard has protected thousands of families across Canada.  Helping keep people safe is our passion, and it’s also the reason our slogan is “Protecting Families Across Canada.” With offices across the country, we can truly help you find a home security system almost anywhere you live in Canada….

The ADT monitored Home Security Systems in Canada varies In Quality and Cost

If you own a home, it is wise to consider getting ADT monitored home security in Winnipeg. This ensures that your home stays safe for you and your family, no matter what time of day. There are many options that you can choose from but the best services come from ADT monitored systems, which are…