24-Hour Alarm System Monitoring

What is 24 Hour Monitoring?

With our constant security monitoring services, you’ll never have to worry about coming home only to find doors open and your possessions exposed to the elements. Our monitoring station can monitor you for fire, burglary, carbon monoxide, flood, building temperature, and even personal emergencies (e.g. medical), and send a signal to our central station in the event of an intrusion so that appropriate action can be taken immediately.

ADT Monitoring

Professionally monitored security systems.

Self Monitoring

“do-it-yourself” home security systems.

What Happens When My System is Triggered?

Understanding how your system works and what happens when an alarm is triggered can help you stay calm during a real emergency.

Alarm Triggered

Your alarm system sounds when one of your sensors is triggered or you manually set off the alarm through your control panel, key fob remote a silent alarm will be sent to the ADT monitoring station.

ADT Notified You Get Notfied

Your ADT monitoring station will be notified and a dispatcher will be alerted to a possible emergency at your home.

Dispatcher Verifies With You

Once a dispatcher is notified, they’ll contact you to verify if it is a legitimate emergency or a false alarm. The dispatcher will contact you either via the control panel or will call you on your home or cell phone.

Help Arrives

If there is an emergency, the dispatcher will contact the local authorities, including police, fire, and emergency response team, depending on the type and severity of the situation.