Company Values

AG is an equal opportunity employer with continued success and growth for over 15 years. With over 12 successful teams and departments to choose from we are always looking for new talent.

Are You a Team Player?

Check out the multiple departments that make up Alarm Guard.
Where do you fit in ? Our goals and focus as a company.

Inbound Sales

All our customers calling into our call centre are greeted by our professional inbound sales team. Only the best of the best need apply here.

Outbound Sales

Our security consultants are ambitious professionals that are not afraid of hard work. Door to door, business to business. Compensation is great as is our promotions.


Innovation and creativity comes from our marketing department to ensure we remain the leaders of the security industry.


Our admin staff are the front line and act as our control center for sales, technical and customer service issues. This is the heart of our operations side. Only the strong need apply here.

Technical & Installation

Our technical department consists of security alarm & CCTV installers who are experienced in both residential and commercial applications. Our full in-house training and learning team keeps them sharp and up to date on all the essentials.


Our accounting and finance department keeps everything balanced taking care of our employees, dealers and agents that work hard for their money and our company.

Dealer Partner Program

AG is the leader in offering sub dealers an opportunity to create their own business and financial success. Our program is among the best in the industry from start to finish. Come and visit us.

Hiring & Recruiting

AG is consistently looking for new talent and people that are willing to work hard and achieve success. We have a team that is directly involved in seeking out new talent for our various divisions.