Great product overall with good customer service. The sale process was done quickly. Even though we have so many questions, the sale rep answered them in detailed information. Polite and professional technician.
Adam M.
Alarm Guard is a fantastic alarm company we feel so secure in our house we can use the Stay alarm at night time and know that we are safe in your house in case anyone wants to break-in. If you are looking for an alarm company this is number one.
Andres M.
The technician who installed the alarm system was also extremely helpful and was able to complete everything very quickly. It’s been almost a month and we are very happy.
Yulia E.
Well-designed equipment, easy to operate. The sensors are reliable, the app fantastic and the notifications very prompt. It also allows you arm your system from near or far.
Temitope A.
Quick and professional service! Quick and helpful instal. I feel so much more comfortable in my own home knowing my family is secured by ADT. My sleep has improved tremendously and just every day quality of life. Thank you!
Amanda L.
I have been a customer with Alarm Guard for almost a year now and have always received remarkable and prompt service from the company. Highly recommended.
Nilanjan R.
From start to finish, I have had an excellent service from AGS. Geoff provided consistent and courteous service, prompt follow-up and quick response. The installation went smoothly and the technician was terrific!
Jeannine P.
The staff were friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable. The DIY install went well and the technician was helpful and friendly.
Daniel K.
First time I called Alarm Guard for a quote, Very polite, informative, accommodating customer service and knowledgeable staff.
Scott M.