Realtor Partner Program


Why Become a Realtor Partner?

As an Alarm Guard – ADT Realtor Partner, you can help your clients with more than just finding their dream home. We’re offering you a seamless way to provide your clients a Smart Home Security System that helps them secure the things that matter most. Our program rewards you for each referral.

Our Focus Is On Your Success

You can earn up to $250 for every referral that turns into an Alarm Guard – ADT Customer, and in return, all your clients get up to $1000 in free home security equipment. Alarm Guard is also ADT’s No.1 Authorized Dealer in Canada, so rest assured you know your clients will get the best service across the country.

Our level of commitment to customer satisfaction and keeping a long-term relationship with you makes us a perfect match. So add value to your service by providing all your new and past clients with a Smart Home Security System free of cost and get rewarded for it!

"Our realtor program is exploding and we believe it's a great fit for our realtor partners and clients.”
Geoff Gaitana & Janet Henry
Realtor Program Coordinators

Free security for your clients, better payouts for you!

Exclusive for our realtor partners: all of your clients will automatically be upgraded with fire monitoring and a smoke detector, absolutely free!

  • Intrusion Monitoring
  • Temperature Control
  • Fire & Smoke Detection
  • Home Automation
  • Flood Monitoring
  • Lighting Control

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