Senior Protection

Appreciate true serenity ensuring that you or a family member are safe at all times. With GSM technology get instant emergency services 24/7 anywhere in Canada.

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Personal Emergency Response System For Canadians

Our senior protection device is a simple personal response service, allowing you or the ones you love call for help at any time. Just press the Help Button, on the pendant, and an experienced personal response member will ensure you get help fast.

Long Battery Life

Get the endurance you need for all-day monitoring with approximately 2 days of battery life. Charger Incl.


The mobile monitoring device is safe in the shower and bath tub where most emergencies occur.

24/7 Assistance

Expert support will dispatch emergency services day or night 24/7.

Coverage Across Canada

Enjoy extended mobile coverage from coast to coast in Canada.

Automatic Fall Detection

Fall detection can help detect a fall and get you help even when you can't push the button.

caregiver / family access

Designated family members or caregivers can access gps location and receive notifications and alerts.

Accessories Designed for Your Lifestyle.

Clip on your belt, wear as a watch or necklace.

How It Works


Button Pushed or Fall Detected

A notification is received by the experienced support when the emergency button is squeezed or when the implicit accelerometer consequently recognizes a fall.


Trained operator contacts customer

At the point when the alarm is received, support will contact the client through the pendant utilizing the two-way voice speakers. Caregiver receives alert also.


Emergency services dispatched

Assuming family or companions are unavailable the support will at that point dispatch emergency services to the location of the customer using the built-in GPS.


The advanced Personal Emergency Reporting System comes with push button emergency assistance for everyone. Easy to use two-way communication system connects right to a trained operator who can contact emergency units or family and neighbors to provide immediate assistance when needed.

Completely mobile PERS on the largest cellular network with GPS and network location services providing an approximate location and location history.

Protecting You & Your Loved Ones

Detects falls with utmost accuracy and minimized false alarms. Our fall detection methods are based on multiple motion sensors and proprietary algorithms. Libris mPERS solution can often notify the monitoring center of a fall, even if the individual is unable to activate the button themselves.

Personal Emergency Response System for Seniors
I was home alone and fell in the garage. I pressed my pendant, (which I wear all the time). They answered right away in just a few minutes the paramedics were here. I didn't get hurt but they stayed with me until my daughter got here.

Low Cost Commitment

2-way Voice

Auto Fall Detection

24/7 Emergency Support