ADT Continue Dominating Home Security System Industry

ADT Maintains Its Position on 2013 List of Best Home Security System Companies

Reviewer writers gave ADT an overall 4 out of 5 ranking, citing the company’s high quality equipment, strong customer support, and reputation for reliability and consistent monitoring excellence. One area in which the company’s rating fell slightly short of its competitors was in cost. While ADT is not the most expensive home security and alarm system, the company has recently started being edged out in terms of pricing by some of the more recent entrants to the market.

“Despite the recent rise in competition in the home alarm system and home security field, ADT has managed to stay relevant and to continue to provide its customers with a valuable product and service in the same way that it has for dozens of years,” said Tim Eveler, chief of public relations for Security System Reviews. “One of the triumphs of ADT is that everyone knows who they are, so everyone trusts them. Those signs sitting out front of millions of homes’ yards really do mean something. They communicate a standard of quality that ADT has managed to maintain for longer than most of their customers’ lives.”

The ADT review published on security system reviews, is conducted by independent security industry experts who develop quantitative metrics for rating all of the security system companies in as objective and complete a manner possible. After they research and gather all of the necessary information and make an overall determination, in house staff writers then finish completing the review and publish it on the company’s web site. All reviews are completely free and open to the public. All of the independent consultants, reviewers, writers, and everyone else involved in the review process maintains financial independence from all of the companies reviewed.

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