Information And Facts About Medical Alarm Security System And Their Protection Terms

Medical alarm: A system that is installed in the home usually as part of a home security system, and includes a receiver and a mobile pendant or button. The alarm Security system is designed to signal the presence of a hazard requiring urgent attention and/or to summon emergency medical personnel. A medical alarm is designed to provide the user with 24/7 access to a monitoring center.

Medical alert: Is sometimes referred to as a medical alarm (see medical alarm definition). The more common definition is the coding of the patient’s medical or dental record to indicate the preexisting presence of a serious medical condition. This alerts medical staff that treatment planning needs to take part before treatment of any kind is initiated. The alert is often identified by a red warning label containing a notation as to the exact nature of the condition and is usually placed on the medical record or chart.

Mobile home security: Is the ability of a homeowner to have mobile and remote access to the home security system.

Motion sensor light: A light that has a sensor which detects movement. When movement is detected the light will illuminate. Motion sensor lights can be used indoors or outdoors and are often used for home security.

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