Know More About Home Security Systems

CCTV camera: CCTV also known as closed circuit television camera. To use a CCTV you need a camera. The camera captures the picture that will be transmitted. Today’s cameras can recognize if a moving object is a walking person, a crawling person or a vehicle. It can also determine the color of the object.

Closed circuit television (CCTV): Is a visual surveillance system used to monitor a variety of environments. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only when required. The picture is viewed or recorded but not broadcast. Often used as part of a home security system. The system may involve a fixed communication link between camera(s) and monitors.

Door alarm: A loud warning signal is produced when the alarm is opened, triggered or shut. Once the alarm is triggered a signal is sent to alert the user, home security monitoring center and/or police to a specific danger. The alarm can be wireless. Wireless door alarms may operate with batteries which need to be replaced, or they may be plugged in or wired to the wall.

Door and window contact: A protective device that can send a notification to a compatible home security system when the opening and closure of doors and windows occurs. There are three different styles typically used by many alarm companies; a recessed contact, surface mount contact and roller-ball contact. A recessed contact is hidden in the window track or door jam. A surface mount contact works much the same as a recessed however it is visible when the door or window is closed. A roller boll contact is in the hinge side of a door jam. The spring-leaded ball is pushed in when the door is closed.

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