Smart Homes Combat Home Intrusions

Smart Homes Combat Home Intrusions

The Best Ways To Prevent & Deter Burglary

These days, smart home burglary is one the rise. Over 70% of all crime these days relates to property crimes, normally involving the home. Although police and local authorities are doing everything they can to put a stop to crime, burglary is something that cannot be stopped. Even though there are ways to protect yourself, burglars will always be lurking out there – waiting for their next victim.

Even though there are ways to prevent unwanted entry to your home, a determined burglar will always find a way to get in. Breaking and entering is his job, and most burglars are extremely good at it. Statistics show that burglaries occur every 45 seconds. What that means, is that every 45 seconds there is someone out there getting robbed.

Over the years, home burglaries have received a lot of attention, some of which have even been on the news. Although some burglars eventually get caught and arrested, most seem to disappear without a trace. To protect yourself and your home, there are tactics such as security alarms, burglar alarms, and even security cameras that you can use. More and more Canadians are turning their homes into smart homes which combine a security system, video surveillance and automation all into one protection plan.

Property Identification Tactics

Property marking is a way that people marked their valuables in the past to deter people from stealing them. Property marking involves marking everything that you own with a signature or mark that you can easily identify once the property has been recovered. You can use micro dots, UV pens, or even laser pens. The idea here is to mark your property so it won’t be easy to sell on the black market. Even though it may sound weird, most burglars do study their targets quite a bit before they decide to rob them.

Home Surveillance – Home Protection – Home Safety

One of the most effective forms of home protection is the home security system. If a burglar tries to rob your home and notices that you have a security system set up, he will normally start to get second thoughts and eventually change his plans. On the other hand, if the burglar decides to go ahead and rob a home with a surveillance system anyway, the system will normally catch him on video, making it easy for the police to identify who he is. Home surveillance and security cameras are great to have, and can either be wireless or wired, dummy or real, outdoor or indoor, or even a combination of several.

Smart Home Security Systems

Alarm systems are a great way to prevent burglary and invasions. The police will tell you that home burglary alarms prevent over 50% of attempted burglaries in the home. There are several types of alarm systems, and nowadays they offer an array of protective devices and automated smart products. Alarms will let burglars know that robbing your home isn’t going to be easy, and that they should really give it a second thought. Tried and true over the years, security systems have been proven to be very effective and above all else – they work.

No matter what direction you decide to take, there are indeed ways that you can protect your home from burglary. In Canada, home security systems have really become an essential part of every homeowners life. Millions of homeowners throughout Canada. are investing in security and surveillance systems, knowing that the day will come when they will come in very handy. Even though you may never be robbed, there is always a chance. Burglaries can happen at any time, which is why you should always be protected. If you think ahead and invest in a security system, you’ll be prepared for anything that happens. You have to think in terms of self defense – and ensure that your home is protected for anyone who decides to make you a target.

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