The Key To Smart Home Security

The day of leaving a key hidden in the garden or under a rock as a spare seems to be behind us. At Least this is the case if you have a smart home security system installed in your home. With the innovation of automation and smart door locks, the homeowner can lock and unlock the door remotely from anywhere in the world on demand.

Smart door locks that are integrated into smart home security systems are connected to the main controller (keypad) in the home. The smart keypad with a sim card installed and connected, allows for total control through a smart app.
The app installed on your smartphone is a direct connection with your security system and more importantly the brains of the system also known as the keypad.

The keypad connects and oversees all your burglary devices such as, door sensors, motion detectors and glass break sensors. It also connects to any emergency devices that may be installed such as smoke detectors, heat sensors, carbon monoxide detectors as well as flood sensors can be included in this list. Burglary protection can be classified as the protection of the perimeter and interior parts of the home.

What Is Burglary & Intrusion Protection ?

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If you are thinking about installing a smart home security system the first part of the protection you want to understand and build would be burglary & Intrusion. This can be broken down by the following thought process:

  1. Perimeter Protection is the first line of defense to detect an intruder. The most common points equipped with sensing devices for premise protection are doors, windows, skylights or any opening to a business or home. Since over 80% of break ins occur through the perimeter, it is important to ensure all the entry/exits are secure and ready to identify the first line of defense.
  2. Interior Protection is the second line of defense to detect an intruder if they somehow are able to bypass the first line of defense. This type of protection would include interior motion detectors and possible glass break
    sensors and some businesses are known to install vibration sensors to protect intruders from coming through walls in a multi unit building.

Emergency Sensors Can Save Lives

Fire Alarm For Fire Safety

Now that you have a general idea of protecting your home or business from intruders, the next level of protection is to think about protecting the building and anyone in it from the dangerous elements that have proven to take lives. Yes, I am referring to fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and for buildings flood sensors.

Why would you need to think about adding smoke & heat detection to your home or business with your smart home security ? As far as you know you may be compliant already and have one in each room as it came with the home or when you had it built. The problem with this type of thinking is you may be leaving your home and family vulnerable to the proper protection they deserve.

If a tree in the middle of the forest falls to the ground, does it make a sound ? The answer is obviously “Yes” but did anyone hear it fall if nobody was there to hear the sound. The same applies to your locally installed smoke detectors in your home, unless you are within hearing distance when they go off what exactly are they protecting ? For this reason it is important to have monitored emergency devices so that you are notified of the emergency whether you are at home or living it up on vacation or hard at work. You would be notified through your smartphone with the smart security app installed, as well as the monitoring centre connected to your security system that is ready 24/7.

The great part of owning a smart security system is that you and anyone in your family that is connected to the app will receive instant notifications when or if a disaster occurs.

The Last 2 Pieces Of The Smart Home Puzzle

Ok, you have installed the important components associated with your smart home security system that will help keep you safe from burglary intrusion and emergency, now what ?

Smart Video Analytics can be integrated into your new system with the option of a doorbell camera, indoor camera or exterior camera. With any of these video devices installed, you will be able to ‘ talk & listen”, watch live video or set up recording options through motion detection.

Smart Home Automation can include the following but is not limited to. The following devices offer total control through your keypad or smartphone app.

  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Door Lock
  • Appliance Module
  • Smart Lights
  • Garage Door Opener Integration

Let’s Get Started !!

Now that you have a good idea of what a smart home security system is, and how you should think about the different levels of protection. The next step is easy, just contact a security company that is trusted and offers a certification installation certificate, great warranty and of course the best price.

May I recommend Alarm Guard Security ? Your local TELUS Trusted Provider for Canada. A smart home security company dedicated to protecting families and businesses for over 19 years.

Contact us today for more information on securing your home and setting you up with all the bells and whistles that will help you manage your home from anywhere in the world.

STOP waiting for something to happen and make the call today..

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