Alarm Guard and Calgary Home Security Systems

Alarm Guard and Calgary Home Security Systems

At Alarm Guard Security, we believe every Canadian deserves some sense of security and peace of mind in their home. We have helped thousands of our customers in Ontario secure what matters most to them, but our mission is to secure every home in Canada, starting from Calgary. We are happy to reveal that working with Calgary Home Security Systems we will be able to provide Canadians living in Calgary with the best deals available in smart home security.

Calgary is the fourth largest metropolitan city in Canada with a population of more than 1.3 million! That’s not a lot of people but Calgary isn’t a big city either. Calgary is also one of the safest cities but that doesn’t mean crime doesn’t exist, there are about 5(sometimes more) residential break and enters every month in various areas around the city. More statistics available here. So if you’re going to spend any money on monthly subscriptions having a home security system in your Calgary home is not a bad idea. After all, better safe than sorry!

That’s why we only offer the same type of high-quality home security services with which we help protect our own families, to our customers in Calgary. No matter the size of your home, your family or your budget, Alarm Guard will find the best home security solution to fit your needs exactly.

In addition to a custom installation by one of our expertly trained local security technicians, all business & home security packages offered by Alarm Guard come with the guarantee of a 24 hour monitoring service through ADT’s Customer Monitoring. With the protection of ADT’s command centers located throughout North America, your home in Calgary is constantly connected to local emergency response personnel, whether you are home or not. Alarm Guard is committed to offering the most comprehensive home security protection to our customers in Calgary, Alberta. Our security packages not only ensure burglary monitoring, but also provide immediate professional responses to fire and medical emergencies as well. When your home’s alarm system is set off or you signal an emergency from your security system’s control panel, an ADT Customer Monitoring center simultaneously alerts the appropriate emergency personnel in Calgary, Alberta to respond to your situation. Alarm Guard technicians are also trained in installing advanced security features such as ADT’s 2-Way Voice capability, which provides built-in intercom communication directly from your home, Cell Guard® wireless alarm technology, as well as, Sony® video surveillance systems.

Alarm Guard will create a customized security alarm and video surveillance system that fits your needs and lifestyle. Plus, our home alarm systems are easy to use and our technicians will show you how to arm and disarm your system with the touch of a button. Most importantly, Alarm Guard’s security services are extremely affordable and may even save you up to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance when you install an ADT security package.

When it comes to your family and your business, you can’t put a price on the value of safety, and at Alarm Guard we don’t expect you to. That is why we are committed to providing Calgary, Alberta with the best home security services at the most affordable prices. For a little more than a $2 a day, you can help keep your family safe and secure with Canada’s #1 provider of ADT monitored home security systems. Help protect your home with the same technology used in most of Canada’s banks, airports and federal buildings.

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