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Congratulations on your new purchase and investment of a new home. If your experience was anything like mine you obviously had your work cut out for you in obtaining the following services and performing the due diligence before making an offer on your home.

I still remember applying for a mortgage and how nervous I was. Once approved I had to select a realtor that I trusted to help me find the perfect place. After I selected the home I wanted to buy the next step was to hire a home inspector to make sure it was safe and free from possible defects or future damage costs.

If everyone and everything I have selected up to this point was approved then I had to find an insurance company to protect my big investment.

WOW, it is amazing how many hoops that need to be jumped through and not to mention the decision making process from start to finish. With such a big investment obviously the more informed and educated decisions you make will benefit your outcome for a successful and best possible purchase.

So Does It Make Sense To Protect Your New Family Home ?

Again, allow us to congratulate you on becoming a new homeowner and finally acquiring your permanent address for you and your family to live, grow and enjoy.

Alarm Guard Security​ understands the importance of family and growth, since 2003 we have put forth a home protection plan that every homeowner can afford. Compared to the previous decisions you have made for your home purchase obtaining a smart security solution with Alarm Guard Security is nothing more than a formality. Our plans begin with upfront equipment at no cost, free installation and low monthly monitoring costs.

Over the years security has certainly changed and evolved into a solution that everyone can actually enjoy and use in their daily lives. Having a smart home security system offers the homeowner control and peace of mind over their home. There is no better way to interact with your home even when you’re not there. Check out some of the features that will enhance your life and offer you the level of protection you deserve.

  1. Lock and unlock Doors with our smart locks
  2. View and Record Motion Clips With Video Analytics
  3. See and manage your burglar devices.
  4. Notifications, setup email and text notifications for everything
  5. Control your heat and air conditioning with our Smart Thermostat
  6. Set your lights up on a schedule to turn on and off
  7. Speak live to people at your front door with our Smart Doorbell Camera
  8. Speak live to your family through our indoor camera

So, let your first home purchase be a smart one by interacting with our smart home solutions today and don’t wait for something to happen. For the price of less than a cup of coffee per day all this can be achieved with one simple call to our professional security consultants today

Call us for more detail @ 866 282 3331

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